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Shoes made where you are, for where you will go.

I make shoes to order. They are designed to fit each client perfectly and endure hard use for years. I focus on the relationships and responsibilities we have to the things we own, and how this interaction can become an opportunity for a gentle corrective to the way of destructive consumerism.


Books currently closed.

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As my client, you’ll schedule two appointments: an initial measuring and style discussion, and a final fitting / pickup. Lead time is twenty days from the first appointment.

olive boots

Books open for custom fitted boots spring of 2020.

These leather boots are durable, comfortable, and completely resolable. If you’ve never tried a custom fitted shoe before, I think you’ll be delighted! With some love and care these will last for years to come.

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I make blog posts too <3

Making shoes slowly, using raw materials and old-world practices takes time. Every month or two I jot down what I’ve been working through in my mind during the hours I spend working with my hands.